For the past fifteen years, Famous 4 Colors has operated as a vital partner for many businesses. We’ve continue to collaborate with a wide range of clients, undertaking rigorous market research, careful planning and strategic design methods to create products that are relevant and lasting.

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We’re obsessed with the details. Our team is made up of top-rated developers and designers who don’t miss a thing. With surgical precision, we work tirelessly to make sure concept, graphic and product align perfectly, every time. We’re passionate about working closely with our clients, and we won’t quit until your product sings with a perfectly harmonized look, tone, and feel.

Millions of dollars are spent each year in an industry populated by cheap merchandising solutions, and a majority of products quickly become irrelevant. This, we believe, happens when the product is rushed through the creative process without strategic alignment. A great concept is lost without the right graphic; the right graphic is wasted on the wrong blank product. To make a relevant and emotionally impact-full product, all three must be in sync.

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More Than Just Shirts.

In the beginning, we were Umbrella. Conceived with the idea of protection in mind, we aimed to offer Bay Area artists and their brands a sense of security and support. From a garage in San Francisco, we started silk screening for local musicians and community members, and Umbrella Shirts was born.

As we gained momentum, we remained flexible and adaptable, and our services began to evolve. The genesis of an art gallery and the subsequent creative renaissance in Uptown Oakland kept us close to our roots, but we were ready to go further, beyond apparel. Thus began the shift to Famous 4 Colors.

In effort to clarify our abilities and broaden the conversation beyond shirts, we adopted the name Famous 4 Colors, a designation based on the four colors present in the CMYK Color Model (process color, four color).

If you can envision it, we can make it happen.